Guitar Stay
Guitar Stay

The Best Solution to Keep Your Instrument from Sliding Acoustic Guitars Electric Guitars Bass Guitars Mandolins Banjos Ukuleles

"Why are so many musical instruments hard to hold onto? That's what I wondered years ago when I was sitting in front of my computer trying to learn new licks on my guitar. I needed a solution. My requirements: it needed to be soft so it wouldn't scratch the guitar's finish, It needed to be able to grip to any type of material. It couldn't leave a nasty film on the instrument when it was removed. After years of research, meet the Guitar Stay™!" -Founder of Guitar Stay™

Check out this video on how to use Guitar Stay.

Why Guitar Stay™?Seated or Standing Indoors or Outdoors Learning & PracticingStudio MusiciansConcerts or Camping

Guitar Stay™ was specifically designed to keep your instrument in place while you play. It can be removed without leaving residue. With Guitar Stay™ you can stop chasing your instrument so you can focus on the music.

Great for practice
Use while seated in front of your computer or instructor while you learn and practice.
Great for Women and Men
Ladies, have you wrestled with your guitar in your sequined silk dress or leather pants? This is for you!
Seated or Standing
Helps keep your instrument in place whether you are seated or standing.
Casual and Professional
Use at home or on stage. You can use it in a bar, you can use it in a car.